Pom Pom Decorative Pillows {DIY}

Hello Gorgeous!

Long time since I talked to you. I’m sooooo happy to be back with an easy super cute colorful DIY, You’re going to love it! I promise!

The thigs you will need will be:

-Old pillows you may have laying around your house.

-Pom Poms (any size or color of your choice)

-Hot Glue Gun

Ok, so here’s the easy first option to make this tutorial happen: grab any pillows you may have laying around your house that you think are no longer cute or that may need to be re vamped glue the pom poms any way you want & as many as you want on the pillow, let it dry & Tada! (there are plenty of tutorials on youtube, Pinterest, google etc. on how to make pillows, you can either use a sewing machine or a hot glue gun, its your choice.)

Second option would be to make the pillows. I did make my pillows because I found this super inexpensive piece of white fabric plus these pink pom poms for a total of $2.42 dollars (that’s crazy cheap)… btw I already had the pillow filling from a previous project.

This project probably took me around 10 minutes to complete. Here’s how one of the little pillows  I made turned out:

SUPER CUTE! Like I mentioned previously, you can glue or sew the pom poms to the pillow any way you want here are the other pillows I found on pintrest for you to get inspired:

Hope you enjoyed this quick little “tutorial”

Until the next blog,


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