Foot Stool Makeover Pt.2 {Before & After Pictures}

{Well… I certantly missed blogging. Thank you all for all the awesome feedback on all the past blogs, you inspire me to keep on blogging.}

I’m finally back and this time to show you what is the almost final result of the Foot Stool Makeover (Im sorry this took forever) I actually “completed” this makeover a veeery loooooong time ago. I say “completed” because there is something still missing…

Here’s what I started with…

And this the “complete” look…

As you see in the pictures above, the staples are visible…I’m thinking of buying some Pom Pom fringe trim to complete the makeover but we’ll see.

I love it how it looks but it definitily needs that pom pom frige trim! What do you think? 

In another note if you have a DIY blog, please let me know in the comments, I would love to visit your blog and see your creations. 


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